How to Use QuickSwap’s V3 on Polygon: Swap, LP, & Farm!

QuickSwap V3 is different than QuickSwap V2

  • V3 allows LPs to deposit liquidity pairs in a custom price range.
  • Concentrated liquidity means LPs will receive trading fees when the assets trade within custom price ranges.
  • When an LP falls out of the range that LP set, the liquidity provider has two options:
  1. Wait until the price comes back to within range, and the LP will return the original assets
  2. Remove liquidity and set it again with another range
  • V3 LPs can provide greater depth using the same amount. This means that less liquidity will accumulate greater rewards from trading fees.
  • LPs construct individualized price curves that reflect their own preferences.
  • Users trade against the combined liquidity of all individual curves without any gas cost increase per liquidity provider. The LPs split trading fees at a price range pro-rata (proportionate allocation) according to the amount they contributed to this range.
  • Compared to V2 AMMs, LPs need to provide less capital.

How to swap on QuickSwap’s V3

Step 1. Go to the Swap page on QuickSwap

Step 2. Select V3 market and assets to swap

Step 3. Complete the swap

How to provide liquidity on QuickSwap’s V3 on Polygon

Step 1. Go to QuickSwap V3

Step 2. Go to Pools

Step 3. Select assets to provide

  1. LPs pool will auto-fetch the price ratio for your assets
  • If you choose “USD” — you may express the assets’ prices in USD, which is probably the easiest way to do it.
  • If you choose “Tokens” — you will have to express their correlated price. You may use the Swap page to get the correct value for your assets.

Step 4. Put in details for your LP (range, amount)

  1. Choose the two assets. You may also need to define the price relationship between the two assets, ONLY if the platform can’t auto-fetch the price ratio. See step 3b.
  2. Set the price range for your concentrated liquidity. You may choose between the predefined ranges (Safe, Common, or Expert) or manually input your custom range.
  3. Select the amount to deposit.
  4. Approve both assets from your wallet and confirm the deposit.

Step 5. Supply the liquidity pair

Step 6. Manage your LP position

How to Farm on QuickSwap’s V3?

Step 1. Go to V3 Farms

Step 2. Select farm and deposit NFT

Step 3. Check your V3 farms



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