• This change will impact all of QuickSwap’s liquidity providers, stakers, and token holders in several ways
  • QuickSwap will begin paying liquidity mining rewards in dQUICK on Wednesday, September 29th


  • Dragon’s Syrup will enable dQUICK holders to choose between several participating tokens (listed below) to earn additional yield
  • Stake your dQUICK to earn a share of the $3.5 million in our launch partner’s tokens!
  • These added rewards will be in addition to the APY QUICK stakers are already generating in the Dragon’s Lair
  • Dragon’s Syrup pools are just getting started! This officially kicks off our Dragon’s Syrup Launch Party where we’ll be releasing millions more in pools over the coming month.

If you aren’t…

Dragons love treasure, and at QuickSwap, we love to help our DEX’s supporters guard their hordes and even add to them. That’s why we introduced QUICK staking and dQUICK in April. Those who aren’t already familiar with QuickSwap’s single asset staking for our native token should read this guide before continuing. Once you have your QUICK staked and understand what dQUICK is, you’ll have a much easier time understanding QuickSwap’s newest feature.

It’s called Dragon’s Syrup, and through this program, QUICK stakers are now able to earn compound interest by staking their representative token dQUICK — all without compromising the…

In a gripping AMA this morning, QuickSwap’s founders Roc Zacharias and Sameep Singhania joined the Binance community Telegram to answer all of their most pressing questions. The discussion encompassed everything from how issuing dQUICK instead of QUICK for liquidity mining rewards will decrease sell pressure on the token to QuickSwap’s newest feature: limit orders. Since the Binance Telegram group is so active, some might find searching back through it to find the AMA a bit too cumbersome a task. Fear not though, Dragonites! Here’s an easy-to-follow recap of this morning’s AMA.

If you’d like to follow along and read the…

Dragonites, rejoice! Starting today, QuickSwap users on desktop can execute limit orders on the DEX natively here:

Please note: Mobile users do not yet have access to QuickSwap limit orders.

Although limit orders aren’t new to Polygon, they are new to QuickSwap. Now, users can get the same reliable limit order experience they’re used to on Polygon’s most trusted DEX.

DeFi is the fastest growing industry in the world, and as more users onboard, they request additional features. Currently, native limit orders are the most often requested. …


  • In a recent AMA, some community members suggested that the DEX should take measures to reduce sell pressure on $QUICK.
  • Several suggestions for how to do that were quite advanced, but one that resonated well with nearly everyone was paying liquidity mining rewards in dQUICK instead of QUICK.
  • The snapshot will occur on August 10 10:00PM PST. All QUICK and dQUICK that is not on Ethereum chain or staked in a liquidity pool will be included in the snapshot. …

In a riveting AMA session yesterday, members of QuickSwap’s core team allowed the community to ask their questions in a truly open forum. The discussion encompassed everything from future plans for QUICK utility to governance and beyond. Since the conversation wasn’t linear, some might find it difficult to follow. Fear not though Dragonites! Here’s an easy-to-follow recap of yesterday’s AMA.

If you’d like to follow along and read the full conversation, you can do so by clicking here.

Tyler (QuickSwap BD): Alright everyone! @LDA_Roc and @sameepsi are here to answer any questions. …

updated 09/16/21

Dragons love speed! If QuickSwap is slow for you, you may need to simply change your RPC. Changing your RPC can speed up transactions and make trading on QuickSwap (and using applications throughout the Polygon network) QUICK again. The good news is that it’s easy to do, and now Polygon has created an even faster and more reliable RPC gateway .

Here’s how to connect on PC:

1. Open MetaMask and select Custom RPC

2. Then, fill in the boxes as follows.

For convenience, you can copy and paste the values from below the image.

On May 27, 2021 QuickSwap was invited to do an AMA in the Crypto Talkz Community!

Here is a quick recap on what was discussed during the AMA for all of you willing to venture into the dragon’s den!

It started off with the hosts and members of the Crypto Talkz Community giving the QuickSwap team a warm welcome. From QuickSwap, Nicole Grinstead, David Brown, and Sameep Singhania participated.

Part 1 — Introductions

Mary Joy C (Host): “👋Hello Chat , Welcome to a special AMA session with QuickSwap❤️”

The Quickswap team showed gratitude for being invited to the Cypto Talkz Community for an AMA…

Dragons are trendy, and treasure is even trendier. One look at our juicy, juicy rewards pools might have you wondering how you can get a piece for your team and community. But while QuickSwap is a permissionless DEX where anyone can list any token at any time, we have to be a little bit more selective when choosing which tokens will be included in our liquidity mining rewards program and how many QUICK each listing will get.

In our Telegram group, one of the most frequently asked questions is “How are participating pools chosen each week?” At QuickSwap, we always…

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