How to Provide Liquidity on Quickswap’s V3 Dogechain Extension: Step-by-Step Tutorial

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2 min readAug 25, 2022

Hello, Dragons from all corners of the cryptoverse! Welcome to QuickSwap and Algebra’s V3 on Dogechain. We’re here to help you start exploring the Dogechain universe.

As we excitedly announced in June 2022 — QuickSwap recently acquired an exclusive license to operate Algebra’s superb V3 concentrated liquidity model on Polygon and Polygon-enabled chains. With both audits now complete, QuickSwap is getting very close to implementing our V3 on Polygon. Still, before we do, we wanted to do some testing. Dogechain — a Polygon Edge chain — provided the perfect opportunity. In mid-August, our community voted to launch a bare-bones version of the QuickSwap/Algebra V3 on Dogechain, so we did.

Since launching on Dogechain, volumes have spiked, and activity is at a new high during a bear market.

Since we’ve already launched a few liquidity pools on QuickSwap’s Dogechain extension, we’ll go through the necessary steps to provide liquidity.

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