Introducing Dragon’s Syrup: The Sweetest Thing on QuickSwap


  • QUICK stakers can now earn more passive income using their staked QUICK
  • Dragon’s Syrup enables QUICK holders to choose between several participating tokens to generate yield
  • Stake your QUICK to earn a share of our partners’ tokens!
  • Dragon’s Syrup pools are just getting started! We’re adding more tokens all of the time!

Dragon’s Syrup: A Sweet, New Way to Generate Extra Yield on QuickSwap

  1. Provide liquidity in the ‘Pools’ tab — This earns you trading fees in the tokens you provided.
  2. Deposit LP tokens from step 1 using the ‘Farms -> LP Mining’ tab to earn QUICK.
  3. Stake your QUICK to earn tokens from projects that are traded on QuickSwap under ‘Farms -> Dragon’s Syrup’. You can learn more about how to do this in our tutorial here.


So you’re just giving us tokens? What do you get in return?

Learn How Here

What Pools Can We Choose From?

Stay Tuned Dragonites



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