Everything you need to know about dQUICK & the Dragon’s Lair

How does staking work & where does the QUICK come from?

When users make trades on QuickSwap, the exchange charges a 0.3% fee (paid in tokens from the pools). The rewards for the Dragon’s Lair — or staking QUICK — come from those trading fees. 0.04% (out of the 0.30% fee) of the volume from trades on QuickSwap are used to market buy QUICK and distribute it to stakers. The acquired QUICK from fees is then divided up proportionally between the dQUICK holders in the pool, meaning their dQUICK increases in value relative to QUICK. The APY is variable. It depends on:

  1. Transaction volume
  2. QUICK’s market value
  3. and the total amount of QUICK staked
0.04% of the trading volume ($86,800) is being routed to dQUICK stakers

What is dQuick?

Put simply, dQuick is “Dragon’s Quick”. It’s the asset you receive when you deposit your Quick into the staking contract.

Notice the disparity between your dQuick and Available Quick. This is relative to the variable ratio.

More information about dQUICK

The longer a person holds dQUICK, the more QUICK they will withdraw when the time comes.

How to Calculate APY

It’s important to note, that because APY fluctuates with several factors, if you’re a long-term staker, you can’t rely on it being the same as when you first deposited your QUICK (or even when you first did the math). From its inception until now, staking QUICK has yielded an APY of about 30–50%. For those who want to know how to calculate their APY here’s a formula:

How to Hoard like a Real Dragon

After reading this blog, we hope you have a better understanding of how the Dragon’s Lair and dQUICK works. Maybe even a good enough understanding to start staking for yourselves. Dragon’s hoard their treasure. Are you one?



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