How to Use the PRDT Predictions Market on QuickSwap: A Step-by-Step Tutorial (with screenshots)

What is the purpose of the PRDT Predictions Market?

  • PRDT Finance is responsible for customer support. Users can select the chat option to contact them.
  • Users will need MATIC, Polygon’s native token, to participate in the Predictions Market.
  • Each prediction round takes 5 minutes and users can only place bets for the next round.
  • Users will have to wait until the end of each round to see if they predicted it correctly.
  • Each round has a predetermined multiplier for wins. Users will see it when they place the bet. Usually, the multiplier is around two (x2.00).
  • On rare occasions, the predictions round can be canceled. A round can get canceled for two reasons: 1. When the transaction to execute the round doesn’t go through (e.g. if the blockchain is really congested). 2. When the price of the asset did not move during that round.
  • When a round gets canceled, participants will be refunded. Each participant will have to claim his or her refund.
  • For security purposes, there is a buffer period of five minutes for refunds.

How to use the PRDT Predictions Market: 4 simple steps

Step 1: Access the PRDT Predictions Market

Step 2. Connect your wallet to the PRDT Predictions Market

Step 3. Select the prediction and place your wager

Step 4. Wait to see if your prediction was correct

  • Total number of rounds that you participated in
  • Rounds won
  • NET result
  • Best round
  • Average position
  • Average return

Should you use the Predictions Market on QuickSwap?



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