You Voted for QuickSwap to Feature a Predictions Market Built by PRDT Finance

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2 min readJun 3, 2022

On June 3rd, 2022, the QuickSwap community voted in favor of introducing a predictions market built by PRDT Finance. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce this new feature that will add revenue both to $QUICK stakers in the Dragon’s Lair and the QuickSwap Foundation.


  • On June 3rd, 98.6% of QUICK and dQUICK holders voted to feature a predictions market on QuickSwap
  • All the details about how this predictions market will work and how it will benefit QuickSwap can be found here
  • This predictions market will likely increase revenue to stakers in the Dragon’s Lair as well as the QuickSwap Foundation, which enables QuickSwap’s team to fund future development
  • The proposal received overwhelmingly positive support from the QuickSwap community
  • The prediction market feature will be added to QuickSwap’s new beta UI on Monday, June 6th (estimate)
  • The predictions market is built by PRDT Finance, the first fully decentralized cross-chain prediction platform on BSC and Polygon. PRDT will also be responsible for the platform’s customer support
  • QuickSwap users have the option to use the new PRDT prediction market, but they don’t have to. The QuickSwap UI/UX will remain the same
  • QuickSwap and PRDT Finance strongly encourage those who want to use the predictions market to do so only with extreme caution

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