How to Stake your dQUICK to Compound Earnings with Dragon’s Syrup

Dragons love treasure, and at QuickSwap, we love to help our DEX’s supporters guard their hordes and even add to them. That’s why we introduced QUICK staking and dQUICK in April. Those who aren’t already familiar with QuickSwap’s single asset staking for our native token should read this guide before continuing. Once you have your QUICK staked and understand what dQUICK is, you’ll have a much easier time understanding QuickSwap’s newest feature.

It’s called Dragon’s Syrup, and through this program, QUICK stakers are now able to earn compound interest by staking their representative token dQUICK — all without compromising the yield they’re already earning from existing stakes. Learn more about how Dragon’s Syrup works and the participating token pools you can farm with the program here. But for those who just want to know how to do it, here’s your guide.

How to Stake $dQUICK

From the QuickSwap Interface, click on the tab that says “Farms”. From the drop down menu that appears when you hover over it, select “Dragon’s Syrup”.

Scroll through the assets that are available for dQUICK staking and select which pool(s) you’d like to farm. Then click “Deposit”.

Enter the amount of dQUICK tokens you’d like to stake to earn Syrup rewards. Then, click “Approve”. Wait a moment for the transaction to confirm, then click “Deposit”.

You should then see your deposited $dQUICK on the Dragon’s Syrup page. Click “Deposit” one more time, and your $dQUICK will be deposited into the staking pool.

That’s it! You are now earning compound yield from first staking your $QUICK to earn more of itself, and then from staking $dQUICK to earn additional tokens of your choosing!

Congratulations dragon! Your horde is multiplying. Now this is passive income!

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