Dragon’s Syrup: The Tastiest Thing on QuickSwap — Current Pools

In the months since QuickSwap launched Dragon’s Syrup, we’ve distributed millions of dollars in rewards to $QUICK and $dQUICK stakers who use our platform to farm additional tokens. But what can you earn right now?

What follows is an alphabetical list of every token currently available via our Dragon’s Syrup program, how much the pool is worth (in USD, at the token’s starting value), and what date the syrup pool will end. We’ll update this list regularly to include each new pool we launch.


Ticker: AWX

Total Distribution: $200k

Dates: 1/25/22–4/25/22

Aurus is the decentralized financial infrastructure empowering gold, silver, and platinum-pegged digital assets, creating a more inclusive and efficient precious metals market. Learn more: https://aurus.io/


Ticker: BOOK

Total Distribution: $100,000

Dates: 2/3/2022–5/3/2022

Bookie is a Decentralized Odds DAO Token — play the game or be the house, your stake! Bookie is a DAO owned & controlled ecosystem that infuses odds & skills into the Web 3.0 gamification. The integrations, game developments, ideas & reward decisions are DAO proposed & voted on by the community.


Ticker: COS

Total Distribution: $100,000

Dates: 2/24/2022–05/25/2022

Curecos evolved from World Cosplay, a photo sharing web service for cosplayers with 1 million users from over 180 countries. The Cosplay token is designed to provide sustainability for the $45bn Cosplay Industry, serving as a bridge between reality and the metaverse world by utilizing the state-of-the-art Web3.0 technology. Curecos is an innovative cosplay social media platform with a unique social tipping feature that increases both revenue for cosplayers and market liquidity for COT with the help of cosplayer-NFT’s.


Ticker: DERC

Total Distribution: $150,000

Dates: 3/08/22–6/06/22

DeRace is a virtual NFT horse racing universe built on blockchain and powered by DERC DeRace is a complete NFT horse racing ecosystem where you can participate in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique characteristics, build your own NFT hippodrome, bet on the races, and earn DERC while doing it. DeRace is breathing new life in the static NFT market allowing players to fully interact with their DNA enriched NFT horses and have total control over their hippodromes. Blockchain technology allows transparent horse racing outcomes which makes stakes on the DeRace platform reliable and safe.

Forint Finance

Ticker: 4INT

Total Distribution: $100k

Dates: 2/23/22–4/24/22

Forint Finance is the Definitive Platform that allows you to buy and to swap Cryptocurrencies, to launch your projects (IDOs), to provide support on your tax obligations, and to create and trade NFTs, Goods, and Services on a dedicated Marketplace. 4INT is the cryptocurrency of our Ecosystem and it is what fuels the whole Forint Finance project.

Fuse Network

Ticker: FUSE

Total Distribution: $100,000

Dates: 3/15/22–5/14/22

Fuse Network offers mobile-first payments and DeFi on Ethereum-compatible, delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchains. They provide the infrastructure for open-source money.


Ticker: KIRO

Total Distribution: $75,000

Dates: 3/3/22–6/1/22

Kirobo develops decentralized applications that bring a layer of safety to all of the most popular and lucrative activities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Entirely non-custodial, these tools are all provided from a single, consolidated platform — the KiVault. These services can also be used by other businesses via our API.

Planet IX

Ticker: IXT

Total Distribution: $850,000

Dates: 3/23/22–8/20/22

Planet IX is a GameFi strategy game, where the mission is to explore the world, collect NFTs, trade them on our Marketplace, challenge each other in Play-to-Earn games and reap rewards from various DeFi functionalities. However, the game does not stop there. Your digital footprint in this environment will also create a sustainable real-world impact.


Ticker: SAFLE

Total Distribution: $150,000

Dates: 2/3/2022–5/3/2022

Safle is a decentralised blockchain identity wallet that enables secure private key management and seamless experience for dApps, DeFi and NFTs.

Sheesha Finance


Total Distribution: $250k

Dates: 1/20/22–4/21/22

Sheesha Finance provides a next-level multichain and community-centric DeFi mutual fund where you stake, set and forget your tokens while collecting rewards from partner projects on Ethereum, Binance and Polygon chains. Learn more: https://www.sheeshafinance.io

Sup Ducks

Ticker: VOLT

Total Distribution: $100k

Dates: 3/1/2022–4/30/2022


Ticker: TEL

Total Distribution: $110,000

Dates: 3/3/2022–6/1/2022

Telcoin is a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum/Polygon blockchain that will be distributed by your national telecom operator and made available to everyone anywhere by tapping into synergies between the reach of mobile telecoms and the fast, borderless nature of blockchain technology. Learn more: https://www.telco.in


Ticker: TOWER

Total Distribution: $100k

Dates: 2/22/22–6/22/22

TOWER is blending traditional Free-to-Play gaming with the Play-to-Earn potential of blockchain gaming. Crazy Defense Heroes is our core mobile game providing the connection with our mobile gamers to the crypto world.

Trace Network

Ticker: TRACE

Total Distribution: $25,000

Dates: 3/23/22–4/22/22

Trace Network is an enterprise-grade NFT based decentralized finance protocol harnessing the capabilities of composable smart contracts to enable permission-less financing options powered by DeFi, and NFT based unique merchandise identification solutions to unlock the billions of dollars’ worth of business potential otherwise undermined due to poor merchandise inventory & ownership management, costlier trade financing & banking options, and perennial inefficiencies in par Diem business transactions.

Wall Street Games

Ticker: WSG

Total Distribution: $100k

Dates: 2/23/22–5/24/22

Wall Street Games is a next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, where players can earn cryptocurrencies by playing fun & addictive games, collect tradable NFTs and win rewards!

That’s all of the syrup pools active on QuickSwap right now, but be sure to check back regularly as we continue to add to our existing pools and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on all things QuickSwap — Polygon’s most-established DEX.

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Next-gen Layer 2 DEX powered by Polygon (formerly known as Matic). Trade at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas fees at https://quickswap.exchange

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QuickSwap Official

Next-gen Layer 2 DEX powered by Polygon (formerly known as Matic). Trade at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas fees at https://quickswap.exchange

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