Should QuickSwap Feature a Predictions Market Built by PRDT Finance?

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2 min readMay 29, 2022

After a few days of discussion in our Reddit forum and across social platforms, QuickSwap is introducing a governance vote about the possibility of featuring a predictions market built by PRDT Finance.


  • Last week, we opened a discussion forum about the possibility of featuring a predictions market built by PRDT Finance
  • A predictions market will likely increase revenue to stakers in the Dragon’s Lair as well as the QuickSwap Foundation, which enables QuickSwap’s team to fund development
  • Immediately, the QuickSwap community expressed overwhelming support for the proposal
  • We are now moving to the next phase: a governance vote
  • The snapshot for the vote took place on Monday, May 30th at 2:15pm PST
  • The vote will run until Friday, June 3rd
  • If the vote passes, we will add a tab to QuickSwap’s User Interface featuring the predictions market on Monday, June 6th (estimate)
  • Details about the proposal, voting eligibility, and how to participate in QuickSwap’s upcoming governance vote follow

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