QuickSwap Governance Proposal: Should We Introduce an Isolated Lending & Borrowing Market?

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2 min readJun 23, 2022

After a few days of discussion in our Reddit forum and across social platforms, QuickSwap is introducing a governance vote to ask if we should introduce an Isolated Lending and Borrowing Market natively on QuickSwap.


  • Earlier this week, we opened a discussion forum asking our community if QuickSwap should introduce an Isolated Lending and Borrowing Market.
  • An isolated lending and borrowing market will generate increased community economic activity, increase yield opportunities, and create an additional revenue stream for QUICK stakers and the QuickSwap Foundation.
  • The QuickSwap community has expressed overwhelming support for the proposal, with many users asking “wen vote?”
  • We are now moving to the next phase: a governance vote.
  • The snapshot for the vote will take place on Sunday, June 26th.
  • The vote will begin immediately after the snapshot and will run until Thursday, June 30th.
  • If the vote passes, our developers will integrate the code for the lending and borrowing market to our beta UI and launch it within the next couple of weeks.
  • We have a simultaneous governance discussion and vote going on about moving forward with a V3 ‘Concentrated Liquidity’ model. QUICK holders can participate in both governance votes.
  • Details about the proposal, voting eligibility, and how to participate in QuickSwap’s upcoming governance vote follow.

Read the full article on our official blog here: https://blog.quickswap.exchange/posts/isolated-lending-borrowing-market

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