QuickSwap Governance Discussion: Should We Feature a Gaming Hub Powered by VersaGames?


  • First and foremost, QuickSwap is positioning itself to become a one-stop shop for the entire Polygon community — that means covering their interests, demands, and more.
  • VersaGames intends to build the community-focused web3 counterpart to the online gaming hub Steam has built in the web2 and traditional gaming space.
  • Our intention is to open a discussion centered on joining forces with VersaGames and Polygon Studios to bring a gaming hub to QuickSwap.
  • A featured gaming hub offers many potential benefits and incurs very little risk for the ecosystem.
  • If the community votes to feature a gaming hub, QuickSwap’s users will be redirected to VersaGames where they’ll be able to access all of the top games on Polygon.
  • Featuring a gaming hub stands to boost community engagement, enhance QuickSwap’s broader market appeal, and increase revenue for both QUICK stakers and the QuickSwap Foundation
  • VersaGames already have their multi-chain gaming hub live and estimate they can have a Polygon-only version ready to launch by Friday, October 14th should the community vote in the affirmative
  • As we hold community input in high regard, we’re introducing this discussion before conducting an official governance vote.
  • That being said, we would like to move quickly and ideally pass this proposal to allow VersaGames, Polygon Studios, and QuickSwap to come to consensus on final details and launch the gaming hub.
  • We ask that you please read through this document carefully and thoroughly before forming and sharing your opinion — it pays to be fully informed!
  • Once you’ve read through, visit our Reddit discussion forum to ask any questions and chat with the community: https://www.reddit.com/r/QuickSwap/comments/xse1uu/quickswap_governance_discussion_should_we_feature/

What is VersaGames?

What is Polygon Studios?

What is a Gaming Hub?

How would QuickSwap’s Gaming Hub work?

Liquidity as a Service

Breakdown of Revenue Split

Ad Revenue:

  • 30% of ad revenue will go to Versa for the 1st 6 months (if over $25k/month, Versa will get 40%)
  • 70% of ad revenue will go to the QuickSwap Foundation, which we use to fund our development and operations costs, pay for marketing initiatives, and otherwise benefit our community
  • After the first 6 months, Versa will get 40% of the ad revenue (if ad revenue exceeds $25k/month, Versa will get 50%)
  • QuickSwap Foundation will get 60% of ad revenue (if ad revenue exceeds $25k/month, QuickSwap will get 50%)
  • 40% Versa (1st 6 months)
  • 60% QuickSwap Foundation (1st 6 months)
  • 50% Versa (2nd 6 months)
  • 50% QuickSwap Foundation (2nd 6 months)
  • The QuickSwap Foundation will get 150k VERSA tokens / month for 1 year, vested
  • If ad/sponsored revenue after 4 months is under $20k/month, VERSA tokens will be reduced to 75k/month until ad revenue exceeds $20k
  • QuickSwap will get 10% of Versa’s net monthly revenue paid at $0.07/token in VERSA
  • 1 year vesting period
  • All subject to change depending on market conditions and good faith.

Revenue Estimation

Weighing the Pros & Cons


  • Liquidity as a service means more volume and liquidity on QuickSwap, which will indirectly increase revenue to stakers in the Dragon’s Lair
  • Increase in community engagement
  • Synergies for QuickSwap incorporating DeFi and GameFi
  • Expanded product offering for both QuickSwap and VersaGames
  • The increase from ad revenue will benefit the QuickSwap Foundation during a tough bear market to ensure that we can continue building and expanding
  • dQUICK and VERSA stakers will gain early access to exclusive launches of game
  • Versa’s team is entirely building the gaming hub. This will require no development power from QuickSwap
  • Sponsorship positions for web3 games
  • Three-way partnership among Quickswap x Versa x Polygon Studios to support and onboard web3 gaming studios to Polygon
  • Increased exposure for web3 gaming projects


How would this impact me?



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