QUICK Tokenomics & Liquidity Mining Details: 96.75% Distributed To The Community 🙌

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  2. Staking

QUICK Distribution: As Fair As It Gets

QuickSwap’s Liquidity Mining Rewards (90%)

Rewards on May 19, 2021

Dragons love Unicorns: A Tribute to Our Mother (5%)

Because QuickSwap is a fork of UniSwap with not even a single digit of code changed, we’ve allocated 5% of the total QUICK token supply for liquidity mining via UNI-pools. Dragons love unicorns, and we hope that our communities continue to operate side-by-side.

Curators and Advisors (3.25%)

Because QuickSwap is a community-focused project, only 3.25% of the total supply was allocated to QuickSwap’s curation and advisory team. The tokens that were distributed to QuickSwap’s founding members are locked in vesting contracts that release slowly over the next 392 days. You can follow the contracts by clicking the links below:

A Future Airdrop

To reward early users of our DEX, QuickSwap has reserved 1% of the total supply to be distributed via an airdrop at some future date. Though originally we intended this airdrop for MATIC stakers, we are no longer certain that is the best plan of action. The team is still working to determine the best strategy. It’s possible that a portion of these rewards will go to Matic stakers, while others will go to QuickSwap’s users and token holders. The exact specifications of this future airdrop are yet to be determined.


We used the remaining 0.75% of the QUICK supply to fund our initial marketing campaign. We distributed these tokens to members of various DOAs and distinguished industry personalities to encourage their interest and participation in QuickSwap.

Join the Decentralized Trading Revolution

QuickSwap is unshackling decentralized trading from the performance constraints of the Ethereum mainchain. Any user will be able to trade any ERC20 token with transaction speeds of ~2 seconds and near-zero gas fees, with transactions secured by the Ethereum mainchain.



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QuickSwap Official

QuickSwap Official

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