Introducing QuickSwap: Meet the Next Generation of High-Performance DEX

Do We Really Need Another DEX? Yes, We Do, On Layer 2!

DeFi has reached a critical juncture due to the demand for decentralized trading increasing exponentially. The stress on the Ethereum mainchain, resulting from DeFi protocol usage, has caused transaction fees and confirmation times to skyrocket.

Ethereum transaction gas costs as of September 17th, 2020

Introducing QuickSwap

QuickSwap is a permission-less decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum but powered by Polygon’s Layer 2 scalability infrastructure.

Familiar interface, unparalleled user experience
Ethereum transaction gas costs as of May 18th, 2021
Twitter: @asiahodl
QuickSwap data as of 7am PST, May 20, 2021

Platform Features

QuickSwap incorporates the popular features of leading DEXs, but provides the missing critical ingredients required for a truly seamless user experience:

  1. high-speed token transfers
  2. and negligible transaction fees

Curators (this is no anonymous food-coin fork, we are here to stay)

QuickSwap is supported by some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders in the fields of Ethereum token & contract standards and Layer 2 scaling.

Nick Mudge
Sameep Singhania


Lunar Digital Assets

Lunar Digital Assets

The Matic Foundation

The Matic Foundation

QUICK Token: A Fair, Community-First Distribution Model. 96.75% Distributed To The Community 🙌

As a community-governed protocol, long-term growth of a healthy and engaged participant ecosystem, beginning at launch, is of paramount importance. Therefore, it’s important to note that there was no seed round, no private round, no pre-sale, and no public sale (ICO/IDO/IEO) of the QUICK token. 96.75% of the token’s total 1 million supply was reserved for the QuickSwap community.

QUICK distribution model

Join the Decentralized Trading Revolution

QuickSwap is unshackling decentralized trading from the performance constraints of the Ethereum mainchain. Any user will be able to trade any ERC20 token with transaction speeds of ~2 seconds and near-zero gas fees, with transactions secured by the Ethereum mainchain.



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QuickSwap Official

QuickSwap Official

Next-gen Layer 2 DEX powered by Polygon (formerly known as Matic). Trade at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas fees at