updated 09/16/21

Dragons love speed! If QuickSwap is slow for you, you may need to simply change your RPC. Changing your RPC can speed up transactions and make trading on QuickSwap (and using applications throughout the Polygon network) QUICK again. The good news is that it’s easy to do, and now Polygon has created an even faster and more reliable RPC gateway .

Here’s how to connect on PC:

For convenience, you can copy and paste the values from below the image.

You can copy and paste as follows:

And that’s it! Using QuickSwap and other applications on Polygon just got a whole lot quicker!

Here’s how to connect on Mobile:

Please note at the time of writing, TrustWallet does not allow users to change their own RPC. This is for MetaMask app only.

That’s it! When you are on QuickSwap make sure you are connected to “Matic Mainnet”

Next-gen Layer 2 DEX powered by Matic Network. Trade at lightning-fast speeds with close-to-zero gas fees.