QuickSwap Governance Proposal: Should QuickSwap Launch on Manta Network?

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2 min readOct 26, 2023

Starting in 2022 by launching on Dogechain, QuickSwap began its multichain journey and started entering new territory on different networks within the Polygon ecosystem. Fast-forward to 2023 and QuickSwap has been deployed on Polygon zkEVM and is on its way to launching on Astar zkEVM.

These are indeed exciting times for the QuickSwap DEX, as the newly released roadmap outlined further plans for chain expansion in the near future. And now the saga continues as Manta Network steps into the spotlight as the next proposed chain to add to the mix.

Manta Pacific, the Layer 2 component within Manta Network, is the first scalable and secure EVM-equivalent ZK-application platform through Celestia DA and Polygon zkEVM, leveraging powerful Polygon tech to offer an unparalleled user experience. It is transitioning from OP Stack to Polygon zkEVM using Polygon CDK, a massive step forward.

This proposal is for the dragon community to discuss and vote on whether QuickSwap should launch on Manta Network (Manta Pacific — the Layer 2 ecosystem), adding yet another powerful Polygon-powered blockchain to its repertoire.

Read the full article on the official blog here: https://blog.quickswap.exchange/posts/quickswap-governance-proposal-should-quickswap-launch-on-manta-network

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