QuickSwap Dragon Dispatch: June 2022 Monthly Newsletter

Major Highlights 🔥

  1. Should We Move Forward with a V3 ‘Concentrated Liquidity’ Model?
  2. Should We Introduce an Isolated Lending & Borrowing Market?

QuickSwap Monthly Stats 📊

  • TVL: $261.2 million
  • Syrup Rewards Distributed: $475 thousand
  • Trading Volume: $897.52 million
  • Dragon’s Lair Rewards Distributed: $359 thousand

New Liquidity Mining & Syrup Pools with APY/APR

New Liquidity Mining Pools (APY as of July 1st, 2022)

New Syrup Pools (APR as of July 1st, 2022)

  • PAE62.504% APR
  • ACRE — 71.534% APR

New Blogs

Media Coverage

Partnership & Integrations

  • PRDT — Predictions Market
  • Algebra — V3 ‘Concentrated liquidity’ model
  • CypherDWallet and airdrop
  • Cult DAO did their ILO for $RVLT on QuickSwap



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