QuickSwap Dragon Dispatch: April & May 2022 Newsletter

Major Highlights 🔥

  • On April 11th, US-based users were able to use Transak to buy Polygon’s native coin, MATIC, with credit/debit card directly on QuickSwap
  • On May 2nd, QuickSwap’s token split officially began. Users of QuickSwap’s New UI were able to convert their Old $QUICK to New $QUICK for a 1000x increase
  • We also moved our new UI from its alpha version to beta. You can check it out here: beta.quickswap.exchange/#/
  • QuickSwap DEX scored an 80% pass rate on the DefiSafety Process Quality Review
  • On May 13th, QuickSwap (along with several other DeFi protocols) suffered a domain hijacking attack. We quickly regained control of the protocol and moved QuickSwap to a more secure domain hosting service. On May 20th, we initiated a governance vote to create an endowment for those who were affected by the hijacking. 61.1% voted in favor of the proposal and the funds were distributed on May 30th
  • Ritzy — an experienced software developer and security analyst — joined our development team full-time
  • On May 27th, we introduced a governance discussion about whether QuickSwap should feature a predictions market built by PRDT Finance to increase revenue to Dragon’s Lair stakers and the QuickSwap Foundation. With the community behind the proposal, we moved to vote on May 30th. The vote concluded on June 3rd with 98.6% in favor, and the predictions market went live on June 10th.
  • The token split continued as we added the option to convert to our legacy UI and added liquidity mining rewards for LPs of New QUICK pools

QuickSwap Monthly Stats 📊


  • TVL: $633.12 Million
  • Syrup Rewards Distributed: $1.004 Million
  • Trading Volume (30 days): $867 Million
  • Dragon’s Lair Rewards: $420,000


  • TVL: $418.55 Million
  • Syrup Rewards Distributed: $735,000
  • Trading Volume: $1.13 Billion
  • Dragon’s Lair Rewards: $500,000

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