Introducing the Dragon Riders — QuickSwap’s Ambassador Program

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

Who Are We Looking For?

Dragon Riders’ Responsibilities

  • Engaging with the digital community through social platforms
  • Educating the public about QuickSwap via content and social media
  • Growing our network of influencers, exchange partners and project partners
  • Increasing social media and mainstream media presence
  • Testing new features of the QuickSwap Interface
  • Developing bots for moderating, analysis, and data
  • Translating documents, articles, and social media posts
  • Establishing and growing regional QuickSwap communities
  • Mentoring other ambassadors to share skills


  • Join bi-weekly calls to stay in touch with the vision and current events

Social Media:

  • The Dragon Riders will represent QuickSwap by engaging with the online community
  • They will be responsible for growing our supporter base by educating the online community about QuickSwap with written and video tutorials & other content
  • Must be familiar with all major social platforms such as — Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc.
  • We will also use YouTube and those with advanced video editing skills will move to the top of the list

Content Creation

  • Curate articles to be shared on websites such as Medium, Publish0x, Sapien, Hive, etc.
  • Visual content (such as memes, GIFs, infographics, etc.) for various social platforms
  • Long or short-form video content
  • Interviews
  • Development updates
  • Demo videos
  • Etc.

Partner Outreach:

  • Reach out to established projects to provide liquidity for QuickSwap
  • Reach out to exchanges to have the $QUICK token listed
  • Reach out to influencers/publications to get QuickSwap featured on their platforms

Global Community Expansion

  • Establishing and running regional QuickSwap communities on Telegram and social media
  • Translations of articles, social media posts and other QuickSwap-focused content to spread the word of QuickSwap’s progress and increase our global presence
  • Establishing connections with regional influencers, publications etc.

Development Input

  • Test and provide feedback about QuickSwap’s interface
  • Suggest new features to add value to QuickSwap in terms of our products’ UI/UX
  • Develop bots for moderating, analysis, and data

Other Contributions

Rewards Structure

  • Rewards will be distributed monthly based on month-to-month contributions
  • Quality of work and engagement will carry more weight in terms of rewards
  • Bonus rewards will be distributed to the top 5 Dragon Riders
  • Each Dragon Rider will be required to submit their work via Google forms, which will be provided

Rewards Explained

  • 1x = Low quality & low engagement
  • 2x = Intermediate quality & decent engagement
  • 3x = Epic quality & great engagement

Rewards Per Task

  • Tweet/ social posts (max 3 per day) QUICK equivalent of $2.50
  • Meme/Infographic (max 3 per week) QUICK equivalent of $5
  • GIF/very short video (max 2 per week) QUICK equivalent of $10
  • 500 word blog (max 2 per month) QUICK equivalent of $25*
  • Initiating a collaboration with an influencer (YouTuber or Twitter influencer) (Unlimited)
  • Facilitating a long-term collaboration with an influencer by introducing them to the QuickSwap team directly QUICK equivalent of $250
  • Reaching out to an influencer and getting them to post about QuickSwap on their platform QUICK equivalent of $100
  • Creating a successful project partnership (Unlimited) QUICK equivalent of $250
  • Must facilitate the introduction of the partner team and QuickSwap team, and the partnership must be moved ahead successfully
  • Miscellaneous tasks will be graded based on a task per task basis
  • *blogs count as original content or translations only. Posting one article in 2 places does not yield equivalent rewards
  • Please note: All low quality submissions can be deducted points. Simple graphics that take little to no effort will be deducted.
  • Examples include, a stock GIF/Graphic that has a word or line of text overlaid on top of the graphic is considered little to no effort graphic.
  • The same will be implemented for blogs. If any plagiarism is found within the blog, points will be deducted or they will receive zero points.
  • If you’re a content creator such as a writer or YouTuber, please contact one of the admins as an agreement can be reached with the team. In order to qualify for approval, Dragon Riders must have appropriate engagement, followers, and quality of content which will be determined by the team.

Top Riders

  • 1st Rank — $100 in QUICK
  • 2nd Rank — $75 in QUICK
  • 3rd Rank — $50 in QUICK
  • 4th Rank — $25 in QUICK
  • 5th Rank — $15 in QUICK

Other Benefits of Joining the Dragon Riders

  • Direct communication channels with our executive and marketing team members
  • Behind-the-scenes involvement with QuickSwap’s development
  • Chance to meet the team when team members travel (Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)
  • Active discussions regarding your feedback, ideas, and suggestions for global expansion initiatives
  • Personal growth through learning new skills
  • Opportunity to grow your personal network
  • Social media growth as content will be shared amongst the QuickSwap ecosystem
  • Awesome QuickSwap merch

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