Introducing QuickSwap Liquidity Hub: Better Swap Prices, Zero-Gas Trades, and More for Dragons!

QuickSwap Official
2 min readOct 6, 2023

QuickSwap has always aimed to provide users with a fiery, revolutionary trading experience and the best possible token prices on the Polygon network, all through a unique UI/UX, innovative product integrations, and more. Indeed, the dragon army deserves the best of the best!

Liquidity is a key factor in doing this — but on-chain liquidity is vastly spread across the far corners of various DeFi chains and protocols, making it more fragmented and negatively affecting the potential for more optimal prices for users.

Well, frens — the time has come to introduce one of the most exciting integrations to date for QuickSwap that’s going to change the game…

Announcing the launch of QuickSwap Liquidity Hub, a new Layer 3 infrastructure software that brings aggregated liquidity to the DEX. It uses an optimization layer above the AMM that sources liquidity from external decentralized protocols to provide better prices and less price impact to the end users, including zero gas fees.

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QuickSwap Official

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