How to Convert Your Old QUICK to New QUICK & 1000x Your Holdings

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2 min readApr 29, 2022


In March, QuickSwap’s community voted for a 1:1000 token split. Since then dragons haven’t stopped asking “When token split?” Today, we have some amazing news to share. Not only is the conversion contract ready so QUICK holders can swap their Old QUICK (1 million max supply) for New QUICK (1 billion max supply), but our new UI is now in beta.


  • QUICK holders can now convert their Old QUICK to New QUICK on both QuickSwap’s new User Interface & our legacy UI
  • For now, conversion is available only on Polygon. After some time, we will add the conversion option for QUICK holders on Ethereum
  • We have already introduced new Syrup Pools that are available only to New QUICK holders
  • We have begun converting liquidity mining rewards to LPs for New QUICK pairs
  • For now, single asset staking via the Dragon’s Lair is still available only for Old QUICK stakers. Soon, we will move staking rewards to New QUICK
  • New QUICK’s contract address on Ethereum is 0xd2ba23de8a19316a638dc1e7a9adda1d74233368
  • New QUICK’s contract address on Polygon is 0xB5C064F955D8e7F38fE0460C556a72987494eE17
  • Follow our tutorial below to learn how you can convert your Old QUICK to New QUICK

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