Everything You Need to Know About How to Use QuickSwap Lend

Getting Started

Choose Your Market

  1. Open Market: A standard lending market that supports the most comprehensive array of assets.
  • Users may borrow select assets in exchange for supplying supported assets.
  • Users may borrow MAI in exchange for interest-bearing assets.
  • Users may borrow MAI in exchange for interest-bearing stablecoins.

Gauge Your Market

Important Terms

Determine Risk and Return

I. Maximizing Return: Utilization Rates & Interest Rates

  • When a market is heavy in assets supplied and light in assets borrowed, its Utilization Rate is low. Therefore, the QuickSwap Lend protocol decreases interest rates to incentivize borrowing to balance the demand.
  • When market demand for borrowing increases relative to assets supplied, its Utilization Rates increases. Thus, to balance the market, the QuickSwap Lend protocol increases interest rates to incentivize lenders to balance the supply.

II. Minimizing Risk: Liquidation Incentives, Collateral Factors, & Reserve Factors

Final Considerations

  • Under “Pool Info,” Platform Fee and Average Admin Fee indicate nominal fees that are paid to the protocol. These metrics will be removed in subsequent versions and do not reflect interest rates in any market or supported assets therein.
  • “Upgradeable” refers to the QuickSwap team’s capacity to modify a particular market via multisign functions. Such changes include adding support for additional assets and modifying interest rates.



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