Dragons Learn Algebra: QuickSwap & Algebra’s Twitter Spaces AMA Recap

Questions & Conversation

How are dynamic rate fees calculated & what ranges do they fluctuate between?

Kyber V3 just launched, and they’re also concentrated liquidity — what’s the difference between Algebra and Kyber?

Discussion about Dynamic Fees and Impermanent Loss

How solid are Algebra’s smart contracts? Recently, I heard about a V3 concentrated liquidity DEX on Solana getting hacked. What are the risks?

What qualifications will we use to select the community members to test our V3?

Have you done any tests and simulations on Algebra protocol? What were the results when using the concentrated liquidity model?

How will the partnership benefit $ALGB token holders?

  • How QuickSwap plans to become the most efficient DEX in the industry
  • What Algebra is working on next
  • QuickSwap going multi-chain in the future
  • And more



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