Armadillo Offers Impermanent Loss (IL) Protection on QuickSwap’s V2

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2 min readSep 21, 2022


Armadillo is offering optional insurance to protect QuickSwap liquidity providers (LPs) from Impermanent Loss (IL). As a special promotion, Armadillo is allowing QuickSwap’s LPs to try it for free for up to $1k and offering a 10% discount on the total value for those who want to try it out for larger LP positions.


  • Liquidity providers risk IL when they provide liquidity for a DEX
  • Meanwhile, DEX users rely on LPs to trade their favorite assets
  • CVI offers Armadillo insurance to protect LPs from IL
  • QuickSwap is making this product available to LPs who want to try it out
  • Armadillo will provide up to $1k in free protection and a 10% discount after that, along with a free NFT for QuickSwap’s users who opt in
  • This promotional offer is available for 1 month, from today, September 21, 2022 — October 21, 2022
  • This insurance is available only for select pairs on V2
  • The Armadillo team is developing models for V3 and plans to add them in the near future
  • Read more about it below, then join the Twitter Spaces today (9/21) at 15:00 UTC (8 am PDT) to ask the team anything you what to know
  • Please note: QuickSwap does not manage or endorse this product. We always encourage users to do their own research and take responsibility for their financial decisions

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