After our most recent governance vote in which a whopping 99.99% of voters elected to call our Ambassador program the Dragon Riders, we are thrilled to introduce it! (Dragon Riders was our favorite choice too!)

If you’re one of QuickSwap’s many active and engaged community members and you want your…


  • A recent governance vote revealed that over 99% of voters favored having their earned QUICK automatically staked to immediately begin earning compound interest.
  • Following our one week delay, QuickSwap is back on track to start issuing liquidity mining rewards in the form of $dQUICK, beginning today, October 6th, 2021
  • We’d…


  • QuickSwap has sponsored two new Chainlink Price Feeds for QUICK/USD & QUICK/ETH, enabling DeFi applications to add functionality for our native token
  • This is the first step of many in a long-term incorporation with Chainlink and the many decentralized services it provides
  • Integrating with Chainlink equips QUICK with the added…


  • QuickSwap will be one year old this month!
  • To celebrate, and help bootstrap some additional liquidity onto the DEX, Polygon has provided us with $1 million in $MATIC to offer dual farming rewards for select pairs — similar to the campaign they funded that helped Aave grow massively on Polygon.


  • To help increase QuickSwap’s exposure and involve our community, we’re launching an Ambassador program
  • Selected Applicants will be rewarded in $QUICK for contributing to QuickSwap’s education, marketing, and outreach efforts
  • Help us name the program to determine what our ambassadors are called
  • In our governance vote, choose between: Dragon Riders…

edited 9/29/21


  • 99.72% of QUICK holders recently voted to have QuickSwap pay liquidity mining rewards in dQUICK instead of QUICK
  • This change will impact all of QuickSwap’s liquidity providers, stakers, and token holders in several ways
  • QuickSwap will begin paying liquidity mining rewards in dQUICK on Wednesday, September 29th (update…


  • Video tutorial:
  • Soon QUICK stakers will be able to earn more passive income using their staked QUICK (dQUICK)
  • Dragon’s Syrup will enable dQUICK holders to choose between several participating tokens (listed below) to earn additional yield
  • Stake your dQUICK to earn a share of the $3.5 …

Dragons love treasure, and at QuickSwap, we love to help our DEX’s supporters guard their hordes and even add to them. That’s why we introduced QUICK staking and dQUICK in April. Those who aren’t already familiar with QuickSwap’s single asset staking for our native token should read this guide before…

In a gripping AMA this morning, QuickSwap’s founders Roc Zacharias and Sameep Singhania joined the Binance community Telegram to answer all of their most pressing questions. The discussion encompassed everything from how issuing dQUICK instead of QUICK for liquidity mining rewards will decrease sell pressure on the token to QuickSwap’s…

Dragonites, rejoice! Starting today, QuickSwap users on desktop can execute limit orders on the DEX natively here:

Please note: Mobile users do not yet have access to QuickSwap limit orders.

Although limit orders aren’t new to Polygon, they are new to QuickSwap. Now, users can get the same reliable…

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